Year-End Review: A Roadmap to Personal Growth

Nov 01, 2023
Year-End Review: A Roadmap to Personal Growth

Simone Denny Coaching · Year-End Review: A Roadmap to Personal Growth


Picture this: you're standing at the cusp of a new year, and you have a choice. You can either rush headlong into the year, taking with you the same beliefs, patterns and habits of the past year or you can take a moment to reflect, learn, and pave the way for a more aligned and purposeful year.

Each year I practice an end-of-year review ritual and I have shared it with hundreds of others, who have made it part of their . It has become a personal growth practice that I look forward to and can’t imagine starting a new year without it.

This deep self-reflection practice has the power to reshape your year and your life and in today’s podcast I want to share the significance and transformative ability of this annual practice.

I believe it is an essential step in priming you for the year ahead and crafting your year with Intention.

In the podcast, I share why the Year-End Review is so important to your future success. We discuss:

  • The power of self-reflection to learn and pivot
  • Benchmarking yourself against yourself to review your growth
  • Why you need an energetic circuit breaker for a new year.
  • The benefits of the practice of pausing to celebrate your wins
  • How to use your reflection to map your best year ahead

I have crafted a workshop series called "Intention," which includes an in-depth exploration of the Year-End Review process (our first workshop). It's designed to guide you through some empowering questions and self-reflections, which have been refined over the years.

This workshop offers a beautiful way to prepare yourself for the year ahead and be supported in a group coaching session.

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