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Who will you be in this giant global pause?

Mar 24, 2020
Who will you be in this giant global pause?

As the whole country braces itself for at least a month of self-isolation here in New Zealand, I can’t help but think that this might be the best medicine, not only for slowing Corona Virus but slowing us down as an entire race.

We have morphed into a culture where constantly doing has become more normal than just being. We are taught ‘doing’ equals success and ‘being’ is lazy – so we start to chase the dream of doing and having it all. Being’ becomes nice to have that very few really exercise.

Low-level stress and anxious energy have become the norm and we (as a culture) are numb to even noticing we are in this state. We have misinterpreted busyness to equate with achievement and allowed constant distraction to override our deep connection, innovation and creative value-add work in the world.

Here we are in one collective moment in time when we are asked to retract from work, socialising, commuting and essentially all of our persistent ‘doing’ outside of the home and, as a result, are deeply fearful of being with ourselves or with our partners and/or families.

Why? Because so much of our identity has become attached to what we do and what we have. Whether it be work, material goods, travel, social engagements, entertaining – we have let these things take over our lives. Who are we when we strip things back to the simplicities of the home and/or the family and/or ourselves?

I believe this moment in history, what I like to call the ‘giant pause’, is an opportunity for a global reset in perspective and priorities. It is not sustainable for humans to continue on this trajectory of constant doing, consuming, numbing. The cost of this obsession is the erosion of deep connections with others, the loss of conscious parenting and the demise of self-awareness.

As we embark on this strange time of going within and without, my invitation is you are to use this time wisely. This time window that we have all been given is a gift for us to lean into and use in whatever way we choose.

Over the next month (or more) what will you choose?

  • To be truly present to your children or resent them for not letting you ‘do’ enough
  • Use this time to heal your nervous system or gravitate to fear and stress
    Connect back to yourself and your needs or connect to social media
  • Build memories with loved ones in your home or bemoan the injustice of the situation
  • Deeply rest your mind and body or fill every minute with nervous misguided energy
  • Finish one passion project with love or to allow distraction to erode your focus
  • Slow down and connect with nature or lock yourself away reading negative news
  • Reflect on our earth, our people and our future or numb it with more stimulants
  • Simplify your life to things that matter or fill it with things that don’t

How we experience everything in life is a choice – will you begrudge it or will you embrace it?


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