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The Silver Lining

Mar 30, 2020

Recently, I watched my husband show my girls how to skim rocks at a local beach that we walked to (we are walking a lot at the moment).

I couldn’t help but think amongst the atrocities caused by this pandemic there is so much we can learn from this moment in time.

Here are a few words I wanted to share with you…

And slowly we remembered who we were really meant to be in this world
We started teaching our kids the things our parents taught us
We cooked from scratch, slowly
Our bodies adjusted to the circadian rhythms again
We started moving our bodies more and driving less
We stopped rushing and noticed the joy in simple things
We fell in love with nature
We felt deep gratitude for our health and for being alive
Creativity, humour, and innovation were born out of our newfound boredom
We replaced material consumption with the realisation we have more than enough
We started thinking of others before ourselves and kindness became the currency
We discovered the things we have been chasing as if our life depended on it were right under our noses
We remembered imparting our own parental wisdom is superior to any overscheduled after-school activity
Our bodies and minds started to recover from a lifetime of all-encompassing busyness
And finally, we were present, the one thing we have been desperately craving
That is the silver lining of Coronavirus.


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