The Number one thing to help you with your goals in 2023

Dec 16, 2022
The Number one thing to help you with your goals in 2023


This week I had a goal setting call with my members. I spoke about one of the most important cornerstones for achieving your goals.

It is not willpower or motivation

It is not hustling at the 11th hour

It is not big bursts of action

For you to succeed in achieving GIANT goals you need to practise TINY habits

Consistency is king. Transformation happens when you show up each day committed to one tiny act that moves you forward. Goal setting is like the Hare and the Tortoise, slow and steady wins the race, as long as it is consistent.

Habits change your behaviour. Your behaviour becomes your identity and your identity determines your success.  

Yes, goals are important but habits provide the scaffolding to action them.

Habits empower you to make the compound change required to stretch and grow so you can achieve the results you desire.

Instead of focusing on ‘smashing your goals’ focus on committing to your habits and you will master your goals. 

Tiny habits might look like:

  • Writing for 10 minutes a day 
  • Mediating every morning
  • Exercising for 30 minutes each day
  • Getting up at 5am
  • Brushing your teeth for 1 minute a day
  • Planning your day for 5 minutes each day

When it comes to habits, any one act doesn’t change your life but when done consistently it can. 

What one habit do you want to commit to that would move you towards your goals and dreams for 2023? 

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