Moving Through Family Triggers

Dec 22, 2021
Moving Through Family Triggers

How are you feeling at this time of year?

2021 has been another big one, hasn’t it? 

For some of us, this time of year can feel overwhelming, exhausting, lonely, anxiety-inducing or heavy. For others, it can really be the best time of the year – full of hope, excitement, wonder and joy. It might also be all of these feelings in a single day! 

The holiday season and Christmas can be a bit of an emotional pressure cooker, particularly with all the demands of the end of the year, the expectations, the to-do lists, and all we have been carrying this year.


Then throw in the mix coming under one roof with family, extended family or in-laws and this can be challenging on top of everything else. 

Today on the podcast, I talk about how we can get triggered by family/extended family and what to do about it. It might not be family – it could be friends and loved ones, but hopefully, there are some insights for you! 

Have a beautiful Christmas, for those who celebrate Christmas and happy holidays to all! 

Be kind and gentle to yourself, there has been a lot happening in the world!

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