Moving Through Change With Grace with Kate Smith Jamison

Sep 07, 2018
Moving Through Change With Grace with Kate Smith Jamison

Many of us have a dream, a calling, or a change in direction that we want to pursue, but how do we make the leap from where we are today to where we want to be in the future? We often know in our heart or our gut when it is time to leave a job, change careers or leave a relationship, but we often feel paralysed by the thought of how to achieve this. My guest today, Kate Smith Jamison, was someone who made that leap.

It took time, and it required a strategy and support, but she achieved it with grace and equanimity. Kate shares her journey of transition with us on today’s podcast. From being a commodities Sales Trader at one of London’s leading investment banks to become a yoga and Ayurveda practitioner in Northern Island, Kate now lives her purpose through helping others enjoy the fruits of these ancient traditions by maintaining healthy, balanced minds and bodies.


In our conversations Kate shares:

  • Her journey from commodities trader to yoga and Ayurveda teacher
  • The moment her heart knew the truth
  • How to leave on your own terms
  • Why she engaged others to help her with her transition
  • How to stay energetically grounded during the transition
  • The importance of equanimity
  • Why Ayurveda is the art of living wisely
  • Why we need to listen to our bodies
  • The importance of the breath
  • How to drop out of your head space and into your heart\
  • Learning how to ‘be’ rather than just ‘do’
  • The importance of knowing you are always supported in your transition
  • That the universe is always there to catch you

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About Kate:

Kate started practicing yoga 15 years ago as a means to find balance and ground herself amongst the noise and unpredictability of a career working for the major financial powerhouse, Goldman Sachs. What started as a release from a hectic workspace gradually became a lifestyle choice. Through her love for the practice and some key guiding teachers and mentors, Kate completed her yoga teacher training while still working in the city.

Kate’s yoga teacher trainer also introduced her to Ayurveda, which was the start of a passionate and rewarding journey. It became increasingly clear to her that yoga and Ayurveda were inextricably intertwined – Kate felt it was vital to practice and study Ayurveda in order to become a more rounded yoga practitioner and teacher. Luckily for her, Dr. Deepa Apte at the Ayurveda Pura Academy was just across London, and under Deepa’s excellent Ayurvedic and Western medical tutelage Kate trained to be an Ayurvedic Therapist and Consultant. 

Master your breath, let the self-be in bliss, contemplate on the sublime within you.

– T. Krishnamacharya


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