Human Design with Christine Spicer

Sep 29, 2020
Human Design with Christine Spicer

One thing I love doing in the work I get to do is helping people understand who they really are. What is it that comes naturally to them, what are their strengths and their blinds spots? The more we can understand who we are the easier it is to understand why we are here – our purpose.

Human Design is a powerful tool for uncovering who we are at a deeper level and how you respond to the world. It combines science and spirituality and brings together principles of The I Ching, astrology, Kabbalah, Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, and quantum physics.

In this podcast, Christine Spicer, one of New Zealander’s leading Human Design experts, shares her on wisdom on Human Design. She explains how through the human design process you will discover your personalised map called a BodyGraph™ A Human Design Foundation Reading decodes and synthesises the main structure of this map, giving you access to the ‘operating instructions’ for your life that you always wished you had.

Christine was the first IHDS Certified Analyst in NZ and established the first professional NZ Human Design service. She has delivered more than 1000 readings and as many coaching sessions and has facilitated hundreds of people in the process of getting to know themselves in live retreats and coaching series. Her particular delight is working with the felt experience of your design in your body and energy system either online or in person.

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About Christine:

"The privilege of helping my client’s access who they are and let go of who they’re not, is touching and deeply meaningful to me. I’ve watched profound transformation in my students and clients, as they step into the felt experience of making decisions from body wisdom and strategy, accessing the aliveness of their truth from the inner landscape of Self."

I had 25 years of training and teaching as a master facilitator and coach and then teacher of facilitators and coaches. This is a potent enabler of my work with Human Design and makes sense of my life path and purpose as it’s unfolded through all its stages.

Returning constantly to the profound truth of my particular map in action in the world has refreshed and animated my life in ways for which I’m deeply grateful. This remains the well-spring of my own passion for sharing Human Design with you.

I’m also a Director of Spirited Leadership where I work as a coach and facilitator bringing more aware, sustainable and vital ways of being, working and leading to our clients. I find Human Design is a wonderful way to access true integrity, health and empowerment in leadership.”

Christine Spicer, founder of the Human Design movement in New Zealand.


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