How Your Genes Can Impact Your Purpose with Dr. Cam McDonald

Mar 19, 2019
How Your Genes Can Impact Your Purpose with Dr. Cam McDonald

What if you could find out what foods are best for your unique body type or what type of work is best suited to your natural zone of genius (i.e. your purpose) and what if you could find out what the best exercise and movement is for your unique body or how you could reduce the likelihood of certain diseases or ailments based on your very own genetic makeup? Welcome to the future of personalised health!

Over the last year or so I have become fascinated with how our environment can impact our gene expressions, i.e. how certain genes are switched on and off within our lifetime based on external factors such food, stress, climate, exercise, mindset etc. This is the study of epigenetics.

What I learned through my training in this area is that when it comes to our health and wellness there is no one size fits all, in fact, every single one of us on this planet is completely unique. Our bodies and minds respond differently based on our genetic makeup. Personalised health means finding the way your unique body and mind thrive based on your genetic makeup.

I have recently become a health coach in personalised health and epigenetic assessment. What that means in plain English is that through a medically and scientifically proven genetic measurement process called Ph360 we can come to understand your specific needs based your unique biology.

For me, as a purpose coach, through looking at your genetic makeup I can understand your natural strengths and talents and how best for you to express these based on your genetic predisposition. For some, it might be leading a team of people, whilst for others, it might be working in a creative zone without any distraction – interesting huh.

On the podcast today, I want to welcome you to the CEO of Ph360 Dr. Cam McDonald. Cam is a Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist, PhD Scholar and a Leader in Personalised Health. I have been fortunate to train to become a coach with Cam over the last year and his passion and depth of knowledge in this area is second to none.

Cam is currently on a mission to support the change our health industry from one of Generic to Genetic – in short – helping health professionals and the general community understand that we need to personalise health to truly make a positive difference, to prevent and reverse chronic disease. Every person on the planet needs something slightly different from the next person.

As Cam says – everyone has a different currency for what health looks like, it might be weight loss, more energy or calmer mind. This program is a holistic approach designed around the individuals health needs.

In this podcast we discuss:

  • What is Ph360
  • Why do we need personalised health solutions
  • What is epigenetics
  • How you find out what body type you are
  • What are the characteristics of the 6 body types
  • What is chronobiology and what impact does it have
  • What are the health benefits found with this program
  • How personalised health is changing the way practitioners work with patients
  • What is the future of personalised health.
  • How your genetic makeup impacts your purpose.

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