How to Stand Out and Step Up with Fiona Fenwick

Nov 29, 2018
How to Stand Out and Step Up with Fiona Fenwick

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the questions I would ask my younger self. Instead of asking ‘what’ do I want to be when I grow up, I would ask ‘who’ do I want to be when I grow up’? The who actually asks who you were born to be and your unique gifts and talents that make you beautifully unique.

If we understood ‘who’ we wanted to be in this world we could discover roles, jobs, businesses or companies that are aligned with our authentic self (our who). All too often we find ourselves not loving what we do (and asking “what am I doing here?”) because we focused on the ‘what’ and the ‘should’ rather than working out whether this is something that aligns with what lights us up, makes us happy and what makes us feel fulfilled – our purpose.

You will love today’s podcast guest – she is an expert in helping people step into their ‘who’, their personal brand and their authentic self.

I had the privilege of speaking to the charismatic and inspiring Fiona Fenwick about finding your ‘who’. Fiona is an author, keynote speaker, leadership coach and an authority on personal reputation, influence and your personal brand. She discusses the importance of finding your ‘who’ – your authentic self, so you can do what you are best at in life and do it consistently. This authentic self is essentially your personal brand.

Fiona’s latest book, ‘Stand Out and Step Up’ is a toolkit for those wanting to achieve success by managing their personal brand successfully and gaining the reputation and influence they deserve.

If you want to get a feel for the book Fiona gives away the first two chapters HERE.

If you download the chapters, you can to do the exercise on your core values that make up your authentic self – your ‘who’ (mentioned in the podcast) you can get that FREE on page 16.

In our podcast today, we discuss:

  • How to find your ‘who’
  • How to develop your own personal brand (in an authentic way)
  • What happens when you don’t feel like your authentic self in the work you do
  • How do we find out how other people perceive us?
  • Why your reputation is so important
  • Why does influence = success
  • How do we become more influential in what we do (be it a mother, business owner and/or leader)
  • How can we polish our own diamond (because we have a rough diamond in all of us)?
  • Fiona’s daily practices to keep her feeling aligned while leading others.
    And SO MANY pearls of wisdom from Fiona.

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About Fiona:

Fiona Fenwick has been successfully developing, managing and protecting corporate and individual reputations in Europe, the USA and Australasia for over 30 years

Fiona has worked at an Executive level within major global companies such as Procter & Gamble, ICI and BP as well as senior positions in sports including English Premiership Football prior to founding her own company in 1992 and growing this to be one of the largest private public relations consultancies in the UK.

Following her move to New Zealand in 2001, she has provided strategic communications advice on many major national and international issues in both the corporate and sports sectors.

Under her company brand ‘fifteenminutes’, Fiona not only works with leaders in the corporate world, she also works alongside many New Zealand and International sporting organisations and provides reputation and personal brand support to a number of elite athletes and individuals who are under constant public scrutiny.

Fiona is also an Independent Director of a number of organisations including the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce. Fiona is also a mentor and coach and is a founder and facilitator in the highly regarded ‘Female Leader’ residential programme.

Fiona is a professional speaker on a personal brand, reputation and influence, media commentator and columnist and manager of a New Zealand Paralympian.

She is a mother to three daughters, two labradoodles and various other animals as well as being a JP and a marriage and civil union celebrant. Fiona lives the ‘ good life’ on her Pinot Noir vineyard in Marlborough.

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