How To Protect Your Energy (Hello Empaths)

Apr 21, 2023

We recently went away as a family and I discovered the extent to which my daughter is an empath (I share more of this in the podcast). 

Just like the word suggests, being an empath means you have a very deep sense of empathy, you are highly attuned and sensitive to other people's (or animals') emotions and feelings. 

Some signs you are an empath include:

  • You are sensitive and feel things deeply 
  • You feel overwhelmed or fatigued by crowds or large groups of people 
  • You are naturally intuitive and sense things quickly
  • You are sensitive to sounds, smells and other sensations
  • You need time to regroup and recover from certain people or situations.
  • You dislike conflict or friction and find it hard to not let it affect you.

Whether are an empath or not, it is important to know how to protect your precious energy around people or things that dysregulate you.

In this podcast, I share more about being an empath and 5 ways to protect your energy

Take a listen! 

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