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How to get out of your holding pattern

Jun 21, 2022

I remember flying into Queenstown not so long ago and getting caught in a holding pattern. There was a lot of turbulence (my daughter threw up - will omit the details) - we could see the city below us but we couldn’t land the plane.

Instead of landing, we were circling above the airport going nowhere. Although it was beautiful looking down at the jagged white tooth-like mountains of the Southern Alps, I felt impatient to land and start my holiday.

Here’s the thing:

many of us are in a holding pattern in our lives right now, circling above the thing we really want - we have an idea of where we want to land but where just waiting for clearance (often from ourselves)!

What is a destination that you are trying to land at right now?

Earning what you deserve?

Feeling a deep connection and love with someone? Finding your dream job?

Feeling happy or content, or truly stepping into your purpose (which is all of the things I’ve mentioned)?

If you find yourself moving but not necessarily moving forward, chances are you might be in a holding pattern.

Here are 4 steps to move you forward:

  1. Name your destination
    Specifically, define where you want to land in your life and write about it as if it is already happening. The more clearly you can see what you desire the more likely you will be to achieve it.
  2. Name your turbulence
    What is it that is stopping you from getting what you want and landing on your dream? Journal about this question. Once you know what it is that is getting in the way you can create a strategy for how to move through this (write down your strategy too)
  3. Get on plane
    Be all in. Commit to truly landing that idea, passion, dream or way of being. Once you commit you can start to break the journey down into bite-sized chunks and start taking action.
  4. Let me be your steward
    You don’t have to do this on your own! I have supported hundreds of people just like you, who take a different journey and land in their destination. Come join me for 3-DAY FREE trainings and I’ll show you how to get more traction and how to move beyond your holding pattern.

On the other side of your holding pattern your purpose awaits!

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