How to Empower Your Mind Through Your Body with Alexa Towersey

Aug 30, 2018
How to Empower Your Mind Through Your Body with Alexa Towersey

Have you ever wondered about how your physical body impacts your mindset?

Can you remember a time in your life when you felt really strong – maybe doing something physical, being at your peak fitness or even having a baby? Did you feel empowered in this moment?

Alexa Towersey is someone who has a gift for making others feel strong, both mentally and physically, and it is her mission to make people, especially women, feel empowered through their strength.

In today’s podcast Alexa shares:

  • The gift of feeling empowered and why empowerment is her favourite thing
  • Why sharing her vulnerability and helping others through her story is her definition of success
  • The defining moment that was the biggest game changer in her life
  • How being empowered in the weights room can translate to the rest of your life
  • How she achieves such incredible results with sculpting people’s bodies
  • The importance of saying no and setting boundaries
  • Why 60 – 70% of training is about your mindset
  • Her moment of clarity about her purpose and calling
  • The importance of listening to your body
  • Why resilience is the greatest thing she has ever learnt
  • Why who you spend your time with is so important

She is an ambassador for, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to generating education and awareness around mental health issues and suicide prevention.

The movie mentioned in the podcast is

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Alexa’s online programme – Creating Curves

About Alexa:

Alexa Towersey, fondly known as Action Alexa, is an International Sports Model, a celebrity trainer, and a nutrition and lifestyle coach. She has worked with everyone from the New Zealand All Blacks to international supermodels. Alexa has graced the cover of Australia Health and Fitness Magazine and is a regular reporter for leading International lifestyle publications. She has also been featured on CNN, Bloomberg and Channel 9.

Alexa has won many accolades but one of the most impressive achievements is her own story of self-empowerment and her deep desire to empower others through their bodies. Through Alexa’s childhood challenges and journey through alcoholism, she paved her way to transformation and discovered that through a strong body you can create a strong mind. Alexa is an ambassador to a number of mental health charities and shares her own story to inspire and encourage others.

She is a regular guest speaker and presenter at schools, corporate entities and large scale events. To book Alexa as a guest speaker or host at your school or corporate event, email her directly.

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