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3 Coaching Questions to Help you Get UnstuckĀ 

Aug 11, 2022

People feel stuck in their lives for all kinds of reasons but something I have noticed for myself and for so many of my clients is that stuckness is often born out of feeling like an important part of ourselves is not being expressed


I felt most stuck when I had followed a path that was separate from my true nature. I felt stuck when I pursued a career that I thought I ‘should’ do, rather than one that allowed me to be the best expression of myself. 


Have you ever found yourself in a job, a business or a relationship, where over time you have forgotten who you truly are and what brings you joy - i.e. your true essence? 


In our pursuit of success, achievement or approval, it is easy to wander from our truth, to take paths that separate us from our most authentic selves and to become an identity that isn't who we want to be, or what we know deep down is our true nature.


When we are separated from our innate essence we dull down our light.  


If you are feeling stuck, or that your joy is blocked in some aspect of your life, I invite you to consider these 3 coaching questions: 


Question 1. What am I not expressing that is part of my true nature? 


For example

  • Your creative expression (art, writing, design, creating)
  • Physical expression (movement/dance/building) 
  • Sexual expression 
  • Teaching/Learning/Speaking
  • Spirituality 
  • Acting/Performing
  • Empathy/Love

Question 2. What is the cost of me not feeling fully self-expressed in this area? 


Question 3. What is one thing I can commit to doing that will remind me of my true nature and bring me joy? 


True alignment comes from being unapologetically you. It comes from being tapped into your expressive outlet and sharing that with others. This is also what it means to live with purpose. 


Have a beautiful day! 




I would love to know what came out of these questions for you? 

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