Finding Your Light with Vanessa Jane

Aug 30, 2018
Finding Your Light with Vanessa Jane

Today, I welcome Vanessa Jane to the Podcast. Vanessa is a true creative – she’s dynamic, wise and is a shining luminary. Not only is Vanessa a creative strategist, filmmaker and a producer, she is also a spiritual teacher, a somatic body and NLP practitioner, and a long list of other talents.

Vanessa shares her journey through her own deep soul work and spiritual excavation. She talks about how she was able to uncover her repressed creativity, and from there discover her true work in the world: to be the embodiment of creativity and to help others to fully creatively express themselves by supporting them to build empires, create masterpieces and climb mountains!

Today Vanessa Shares:

  • The journey from creative repression
  • How Vanessa made up her own job
  • How she makes people become visible
  • Her own story around shame
  • How people are attracted to your vibration more than anything else
  • How to rediscover your purpose
  • What is a luminary
  • Why people buy heart resonance
  • Why we have to stop thinking it is all about us
  • The importance of purpose, intention and spirit

Connect with Vanessa:





About Vanessa:

Vanessa orchestrates the creation of businesses, programs, exhibitions, films, products – anything that lives inside each of us as a dream. Creative strategy and mentoring hit the mark for her. Vanessa radiates with excitement when helping others to harness their imagination and bold visions with robust plans to create businesses, creative projects and other endeavours that reveal tangible Life Purpose.



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NOTE: This recording has been tweaked a bit for quality. Sorry the end is little bit patchy and you will notice sometimes I dive straight into some of the questions without much in between (that is because some bits were cut out that were poor quality). In the words of Elizabeth Gilbert – done is better than perfect 🙂 Hopefully this doesn’t take away from the wonderful words of wisdom from Vanessa.

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