Managing Emotional Contagion

Nov 24, 2022
Emotional Contagion


Have you ever had someone walk in the room in a bad mood and noticed the whole room change? 

Or have you walked into a room feeling stressed, angry or upset and witnessed the domino impact that had on everyone else? 

This is called emotional contagion - we can catch and spread emotions (just like a cold) without even being aware of it. It’s not all bad - positive emotions are infectious too :).

Sometimes we catch emotions from others and then direct that emotion to someone or something else. 

This little diagram of Anger Transference by Richard Sargent (1954) makes my heart melt and also gives me a little more empathy as to why we behave as we do. 

If you would like to know more about Emotional Contagion and discover: 

  • How it is has been showing up in my house recently 
  • The science behind this phenomenon
  • How to manage your own emotions 
  • How to protect yourself from other’s emotions  

….then tune into this week’s podcast where I share all my insights. 

Simone X 

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