Daring to Lead with Kaila Colbin

Aug 30, 2019
Daring to Lead with Kaila Colbin

Do you ever meet someone, or hear someone speak, and just feel completely enamoured with their brain capacity?

I felt like this recently after I attended a Dare To Lead™ workshop facilitated by Kaila Colbin.

Kaila completely embodies the work of Brene Brown and expresses it like it is her own. She presents with captivating storytelling, knowledge, and practicality. Following the talk, I discovered that this topic is just one of her many areas of expertise. Kaila is also a leading futurist teaching people about exponential technologies and their impact on humanity, she is the curator of TEDx Christchurch and TEDx Antarctica, and has trained with Al Gore to be a Climate Change Ambassador.

To me, Kaila is someone who is daring to lead in her own life. In our conversation, she shares with me how we can lead and rise in our own lives, whether that is within our own families, at work or in the community. We talk about courage, vulnerability, and shame. Kaila shares how to have courageous conversations and why belonging is so much more important than fitting in, plus so much more!

If your ears are pricking up around this topic then I highly recommend you join Kaila for her upcoming 2-day workshop in Auckland (September) and Christchurch (November).

She is kindly offering readers/listeners 10% off the workshop.

Simply use the code LIVINGWITH to get the discount.

Find out more here:

About Kaila:

Kaila Colbin is a co-founder of Boma Global and the CEO of Boma New Zealand. She spearheaded the hugely successful SingularityU New Zealand and Australia Summits, Introducing more than 2,500 people to exponential technologies and their impact on humanity.

She is also a co-founder of the non-profit Ministry of Awesome; the Curator and Licensee for TEDxChristchurch in New Zealand and TEDxScottBase in Antarctica; Kaila is a certified ExO consultant (creating exponential organisations), a Climate Project Ambassador who trained with Al Gore, and a Project Management Professional. She is a renowned national and international public speaker, sought after by corporates, government agencies, industry groups, and more.

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