Beyond Comparison: 4 Powerful Questions for Growth

May 15, 2024


My daughter is on a big campaign to get a dog.

We've had the PowerPoint presentation (it was good!), the pleading, the anger, the promises of committing to daily walks, and even cleaning up the poo.

But this campaign went to the next level when her best friend got a dog recently.

You see when other people have what we don’t, it makes us feel our own lack even more.

Theodore Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the theft of joy.” This is concerning, considering most of us spend hours scrolling and comparing our lives with the lives of others online, often unconsciously.

How much joy is getting stolen?

Without realising it, comparison imprints and leaves us with thoughts such as:

  • ‘I’m am I not where I should be’
  • ‘Why am I not where they are’
  • ‘I’m not achieving enough’
  • ‘Why am I stuck’
  • The problem is these questions don’t move you forward; they keep you where you are.

Today, in this short 11.11 min audio (how cool is that number), I share 4 powerful questions that move you out of comparison and not-enoughness and into growth and momentum.

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