Authentic Confidence with Ben Fauske

Nov 01, 2022
Authentic Confidence with Ben Fauske


Confidence is something that has a significant impact on how we interact with the world. 

Perhaps there are some aspects of your life where your feel like you very confident and others you notice you really lack confidence? It is quite normal to feel that polarity.

Your confidence might be challenged when you are are on your growth edge, that place where you are not good or competent at something but you know it is required for you to grow (i.e. putting yourself out there or public speaking).

Perhaps you have a harsh inner (or outer) critic that has been beating you down for some time and it has left you questioning your abilities and worth?

Or have you been moulding, pleasing or adapting yourself to meet others expectations and along the way you have lost your true self?

One thing I have come to realise is confidence is not static or black and white. Our confidence is something that goes up and down based on where we are on our journey, who we are with and how competent we feel about what we are doing.

Today on the podcast I’m delighted to have special guest Ben Fauske on the show. He is a confidence researcher, coach and expert in the field of confidence. Ben is the author of the book Authentic Confidence: the secret to loving your work and leading an unstoppable career.

Ben has taught thousands of leaders the Authentic Confidence Process and is passionate about helping people love their work and feel confident in what they do.

No matter where you are on your confidence journey, I’m sure there will be something for your to take away from this conversation.

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