7 ways to get back on track

Nov 02, 2022
7 ways to get back on track

Someone reminded me that it is 6 weeks till school breaks up for the summer holidays and I had that pang of 'oh my gosh there is so much to do and so little time' I REALLY need to get back on track and close all those open loops!
Here's the thing, you don't have to try to close all the open loops in your life in the last two months of the year. For some reason we all get caught up in this frenzy of this looming deadline and we believe we don't have time (especially for ourselves). It can feel overwhelming. 
In this silly season it is more important than ever to honour the habits, boundaries and rituals that keep you emotionally and physically regulated.
But what if you've fallen off the wagon on following through on either making or breaking a habit, ritual or boundary. Life has got busy, you're procrastinating, perfectionating, (my made up word) feeling distracted or perhaps you're beating yourself for not finishing or even starting something - sound familiar?
Don't worry - you CAN get back on track. Today I share 7 powerful ways that will help you get back your motivation, momentum and self discipline, even during hectic or challenging times. 
Take a listen and let me know which one you could introduce into your life or if you have other ways to help you get back on track I would love to hear? 
Much love, 


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