5 Ways to Change the Stories that Hold you Back

Oct 18, 2023
5 Ways to Change the Stories that Hold you Back



As a coach, I love asking questions that lead to your growth and personal elevation. So, here are a couple to get you thinking:

  1. Take a moment to think about your personality and how you see yourself.
  2. What is a story or belief that you have about yourself that holds you back?
  3. What would be possible for you without this story?

In today’s podcast, we embark on an exploration into the narratives and stories that weave the fabric of our identities. Where did they come from, and how can we change the ones that hold us back? I will be discussing the 5 Cs that can help us create this change.

The Power of Stories
Our lives are not just a sequence of events; they are stories we tell ourselves. Over time, these stories become our identity and our personality, and we start to believe this is who we are. To experience growth and betterment, we must be willing to evolve our stories and, in turn, our identities.

Some stories empower, while others shackle us. In today’s podcast, we will unravel the layers of these narratives and understand their profound impact on our lives.

Curiosity Builds Awareness
Most of us are unaware of the stories we have created or the stories we live by because they feel ingrained in our identity and true. Curiosity is the key to understanding where our stories were born and why they play out. Once you build awareness of the stories, you can challenge and understand them.

Ask yourself: Do my stories and beliefs expand or contract me as a person?

Fostering the Courage to Change

Many people in the personal development space say, "Just change your story or belief," as if it is flicking a switch. We must appreciate that many of our stories are there to protect us and are survival mechanisms from our childhood (e.g., "I must be hypervigilant or in control in case something bad happens").

To let go of old stories and evolve our identity, change requires courage, safety, and understanding.

The Power of Change and Consistency
Changing our default program and our narrative takes awareness and a conscious choice. We can change our identity through consistent daily habits and actions that align with the identity of who we want to become. For example, if you want to have the identity of a high performer, consciously get up early and do your morning rituals. Over time, your story about the type of person you are changes.

Compassion as Your Guide
Self-compassion is key in this transformative journey. Change requires risk, discomfort, and sometimes failure, so treat yourself with kindness as you rewrite your stories and reshape your identity.

Tune In and Transform
Join us for practical insights and actionable steps in our latest podcast episode. This is your opportunity to reshape your stories, redefine your identity, and unlock your full potential.


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