4 Questions to Kickstart Your Day with Momentum and Flow

May 27, 2024


Have you ever noticed how some weeks you’re in a flow state, effortlessly getting things done, while other weeks your mind is constantly task-switching like a clown with too many balls in the air?

As a coach, I love helping people be intentional about where they put their energy and attention each day, week, and beyond. Personally, I notice a big difference when I don’t do my planning!

In the Hatchery membership (my program for learning, growth, and connection), we often hold weekly and monthly primer sessions to set ourselves up for success and to live with intention.

Starting your day or week with momentum can set the tone for a productive and fulfilling time ahead. Here are some strategies to help you achieve that sense of flow and purpose.

1. Identify Something Important but Not Urgent

Ask yourself, "What is something important but not urgent that I could do today?"

According to the Eisenhower Matrix, often our attention gets pulled to Urgent and Important tasks but for long-term success, we want to pay attention to those important and non-urgent tasks. 

Important (and non-urgent) tasks are those things that bring us joy and steer us towards our larger goals. These include small daily actions that align with our bigger vision, nurturing relationships with loved ones, and prioritising our mental and physical health. Though these tasks might not be pressing, they build momentum and they are crucial for a fulfilling and meaningful life in the long run.

2. Focus on Your Top 3 Priorities

"What are the top 3 things you want to achieve today?"

Our brains can easily get overwhelmed with long to-do lists. They thrive on the satisfaction of ticking off tasks, which releases dopamine, boosting our motivation. Try this approach: create a comprehensive to-do list once a week (either on Sunday night or Monday morning). Then, each day, select three key tasks to focus on. Once you complete these, you can choose another one or two tasks from your list. This method helps maintain focus and productivity without feeling overwhelmed.

3. Practice Daily Gratitude

Reflect on, "What am I grateful for today?"

It's common to compare ourselves to others or to compare this moment to where we think we should be, often focusing on what we lack. Practising gratitude shifts our perspective to what we do have, which is especially important when considering the broader context of global suffering.

Gratitude helps rewire the brain to seek out positives. Research shows that it can increase self-esteem, boost happiness, and reduce restlessness, anxiety, and depressive symptoms. Over time, gratitude can enhance our overall productivity and satisfaction with daily life. Find a moment to write or share 3 greatfuls. 

4. Create White Space

Consider, "How can I create white space in my day?"

White space refers to unscheduled time that allows for rest, creativity, and reflection. In our busy lives, it's essential to carve out moments where you can breathe and think without the pressure of tasks and responsibilities - this is actually when our best problem-solving happens.  I strongly recommend blocking out time windows in your calendar for white space. 

This might mean taking a walk, meditating, moving your body or simply sitting quietly. Creating white space can reduce stress, spark creativity, and give you the mental clarity needed to tackle your tasks with renewed energy.

By identifying important but not urgent tasks, focusing on top priorities, practising daily gratitude, and creating white space, you can start your day or week with a strong sense of momentum and flow. These practices help create a balanced, fulfilling life and keep you moving steadily toward your bigger goals.

What are some of your daily or weekly habits that help you get into momentum and flow? 

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