3 questions for when things don't go to plan

Oct 13, 2022
3 questions for when things don't go to plan

Yesterday we took our girls for a hike up one of the hills here in Moorea in French Polynesia. The hike was steep, and in some parts we had to pull ourselves up with ropes that were on the track, but it was worth it for the panoramic view of the lush island and torquoise outer reef from the top.

On the way down we somehow went off the track and found ourselves negotiating a very precarious, steep and slippery slope, which was not at all part of the plan! Thankfully we made it back to the main track with only a few minor cuts and scrapes, but it was quite hairy for a while.

The thing about life is that it often doesn't go to plan. Sometimes life throws us a curveball or even bombshell. It is not always what happens to us that is the most important thing, rather how we respond to what happens to us. This response is what really counts and this applies to all areas of our life.

Whether you have had a minor setback or a big life event that has left you asking, "why is this happening to me?" today's podcast is for you.

After facing a few minor curveballs on my travels recently I share with you 3 powerful questions to ask yourself (or journal about) when things don't go to plan.



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