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Byron Immersion Retreat

Step into an oasis of growth, presence, and personal elevation with our Byron Bay Retreat. This 4-day immersion retreat at the stunning Soma Retreat is designed for women ready to deepen their journey. Experience profound support, restoration, connection and empowerment through embodiment, coaching, somatics and IFS work. Join us this May 16-19th 2024Β in an intimate setting designed brings you home to yourself.

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Waiheke Bespoke Workshop

Bespoke Wellness invites you to retreat from your office to Waiheke Island for a bespoke small business, corporate or executive experience. An experience where you get to reconnect with yourself and your business, and where you are nourished with healthy food, movement and mindset strategies to help you thrive.

Our wellness days and mini-retreats range from 1 to 3 days. They are designed to help manage stress and anxiety, to reduce overwhelm and create self-care and mindset strategies that support you in both your home and work life. Some of the wellbeing options you may include in your retreat design are as follows:


Waiheke Wellness Retreat

In this beautiful one day retreat you will have the opportunity to reconnect to yourself, to deeply receive and to recalibrate so you can create with intention and clarity. Let go of the layers you carry in your day to day life and allow yourself to be guided through an inspiring mini retreat designed to open your heart and your mind.

As your facilitator for the day I will guide you through practical self awareness exercises to help you become more present, to look at what is holding you back and to be more intentional about creating the future you truly desire.


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