Small Business Coaching

Biz Coaching + Strategy for the Modern Creative

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My one regret in launching my first business is that I didn’t hire a coach to guide me through starting and running a small business.

If I had just had someone who had done it all before and could have shared their business wisdom with me, I now know I could have saved myself so much time and money.

Instead I did it all on my own, I did tedious tasks I should have outsourced, I wasted money on things that I didn’t add value and I focused my time and attention on the wrong things. I basically learnt to run my business by trial and error.

The key thing I discovered was that this way of starting a small business ended up being a very expensive exercise.

Even though I had studied Business Administration at one of America’s most prestigious business schools, nothing had prepared me for the reality of starting a new business on my own.

Navigating this new role of ‘business owner’ was challenging and not having anyone to be accountable to meant business goals and milestones would often drift.

After running my own business for 6 years and launching a second business and combining this with many years of business training, I now know the do's and don’ts of small business. Nothing gives me more pleasure than coaching people on the short cuts, cost saving and strategic ways to start and run a small business.

I can honestly say I have saved my clients thousands of dollars by sharing with them my own lessons and invaluable insider tips.

As your business coach I will help you get very clear on your ‘why’ – what is the purpose of your business and is your business aligned with your own purpose and values. I will help you shift your mindset limitations around what you can achieve with your business and the money you can make. Together we will build your business, your website, your following and your digital marketing strategy.

I will support you to transverse out of your comfort zone and into an expansive growth business. I will help you move from struggle to joy in your business.

The Small Business Coaching Program includes:

Business Mindset Coaching


Discover your ‘genius zone’


Business administration


Creating your website and online platform


Strategic marketing
and sales


Building your list and
your following



Finding your ideal customer

Understanding your business ‘why’

Outsourcing and offshoring (business efficiency)

Moving out of your comfort zone to achieve big results

Enormous costs savings through proven methods and resources

Accountability to ensure goals and actions are achieved

Sharing our story (via blog, podcast, video etc.) 

Creating a new money story


  • One (1) x 1.5 Business strategy sessions
  • Five (5) x one-on-one business coaching sessions
  • My ‘gold nuggets’ list of business resources
  • Email and phone support over the 3 months
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  • Two (2) x 1.5 Business strategy sessions
  • Ten (10) x one-on-one business coaching sessions
  • My ‘gold nuggets’ list of business resources
  • Email and phone support over the 3 months

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This checklist will save you


  • Feel in control of personal admin
  • Ensure you are on top of your financial outgoings
  • Manage your time so you are planning proactively
  • Clear mental space by regularly moving through your admin