Be guided through the process of finding your purpose & remembering who you are here to be.

Get 12 weeks of 1:1 mentoring through a proven framework for personal expansion


I see it time again. From incredible mummas to corporate CEO’s who finally step into the role (or out of the role) that they thought would make them happy, and yet, at the end of the day still feel like something’s missing.

Feeling uninspired or at a crossroads, they realise that who they have become in the process of pursuing their goals, is not what they expected.

When you are not living out your true purpose you can feel stuck, bored or like a dulled down version of yourself.

Years can go by unconsciously living a life that you never really set out to live. Deep down you know there is more, you know there is another path.

With the right tools, strategies, and guidance you can discover the path to living out your purpose-aligned potential and experiencing life with a greater sense of fulfilment.

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What you need to know about me

Hey, I’m Simone.

The Life Purpose Mentor for those who are ready to pivot into a new reality and live a life that feels aligned to their passions, desires and unique life story.


As a professional trained in psychology, mind detox therapy and life coaching and mentoring, I help you gain clarity on your purpose and direction by exploring parts of your identity, subconscious beliefs, strengths, and passions.

By giving you the tools for strengthening your emotional agility I help you overcome the blocks that have kept you trapped in a lifestyle that is no longer serving who you wish to become.

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How you know
this is right for you:


  • You want to know and live out your unique purpose in the world
  • You want to break the self-sabotaging behaviours and habits
  • You want to have clarity and direction for your next chapter
  • You want the confidence to be wholeheartedly yourself
  • You want to move through blindspots that hold you back
  • You want to create more time, ease and joy in your day
  • You want to live with financial and energetic abundance
  • You want to live by your value system
  • You want a deeper understanding of who you truly are now
  • You’re ready to experience deeper connections with others
  • You are willing to acknowledge your past to move forward truly free, happy, and limitless

What we’ll work through together

Mindset Mastery

  • Uncovering blind spots and subconscious beliefs that are keeping you in unsatisfying roles and behaviours.
  • Unearthing your core beliefs that are necessary for designing a life of true fulfilment.
  • Exploring unproductive behaviour patterns.
  • Moving through fear to confidence.

Building Emotional Resilience

  • Entering Somatic Awareness, so you can acknowledge and release traumas that may be stuck or held in the body.
  • Equipping you with mindfulness strategies, emotional Agility training, unique tools, and proven strategies to manage stress, reduce anxiety and gain clarity and peace of mind
  • Healing parts of past and present so you can move out of the feeling of being “stuck” or bound by your old identity.

Meaningful Connection

  • Evaluating your relationships to identify opportunities for personal expansion, better connection, and healthy setting of personal boundaries.
  • Tapping into compassion and self-approval – yes, finally love you again!
  • Elevating your mindset with mindful rituals for daily joy.


Purpose Discovery

  • Uncovering your unique purpose.
  • Understanding your values and strengths.
  • Creating your vision.
  • Intention setting and inspired action plans.
  • Purpose-driven business charity or career support, so you can finally step into your calling.

Inspired Action

  • Building clarity on your vision, goals, and intentions.
  • Creating systems and habits for sustainable success.
  • 1:1 support for helping you overcome the challenges, fear and imposter syndrome that stand at the edge of your growth zone.
  • Arming you with the latest productivity methods and tools for beating procrastination and poor prioritisation so you can finally work towards your goals (unhindered).


  • Procrastination to Motivation Mini-course
  • Rituals to rewire for Calm, Clarity and Yoy mini-course.
  • Identifying your money story to work through the mental and practical reasons you’re not achieving your goals, with an action plan for redefining your relationship with money to see you step into financial abundance.



Working with Simone was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

During our time together, she got me stepping into my feelings more, focusing on my core values and strengths, confronting my fears and limiting beliefs, unpacking the doubt around my relationship, defining my purpose statement and setting realistic and achievable goals.



Simone changed my life. Her work strengthened me, gave me clarity, purpose, and helped me understand how my past shaped me to be the person I am today.

The things that take me forward, and the things that held me back. She gave me the confidence to explore some of my deepest feelings and life-long beliefs that served to limit my potential. But also to identify the things about myself that were to be valued and that inspire me to better things and a better life. I now know my purpose in life and I'm fuelled to go fulfil it. I can't recommend Simone enough. Do her programme, especially you blokes. We need it these days more than ever. Your lives will change immeasurably.

Ready to find your purpose?

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My expertise lies in helping individuals to create effective mindset strategies, to breakthrough limiting beliefs and uncover subconscious patterns.

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I highly recommend Simone. She is an incredible life coach.

What followed was a beautiful experience that not only helped me discover my purpose, but also helped me tap back into my sorely missed feminine side.

She gave me clarity around my personality and why I am constantly drawn to certain behaviours (that I had previously thought were negative – now I just realise they’re how I’m made and embrace them with delight), and ways to tap into the beautiful moments that I get to experience each day.


While I was sceptical at first on working with a life coach, Simone’s personal approach quickly made me feel very comfortable and taken care of

The process was perfectly tailored to my needs and to my great surprise, all the answers we search for lie within us and Simone knows how you can access them, she was the perfect guide. After 6 weeks of working with Simone, I have developed the tools and expanded my self awareness to come out of a seemingly hopeless situation with more energy and excitement of what the future has to bring than ever before. I recommend anyone who feels stuck, lost or is in need of some guidance to get in touch with Simone. I guarantee you that all looks brighter at the other end, it certainly has for me.