Build Your Business Confidence with Ease

 Get the clarity and courage you need to be visible in your beautiful business

Free live workshop to help you play bigger and feel braver

Whether you are wanting to start a business or have your own, confidence and clarity is key to your success.

Tuesday the 14th of March

12 noon NZ / 10am AEDT / 3pm PST (Monday)

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During this Free Workshop, you will learn valuable insights and practical tips to help you:

Overcome the fear and self-doubt that holds you back

Learn the secrets to reducing business overwhelm and gaining momentum

Discover simple strategies to increase your visibility and impact

Develop a success mindset and the tools to feel confident

Get clarity and focus on the things that matter most in your business


It’s time to stop procrastinating or delaying due to fears of judgement, failure or lack of know-how.

You and your business are here to shine brightly in your community. You can do this and I am here to show you the way.

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to learn from someone who has walked this path before you. Look forward to seeing you there!

About Simone

Simone is an entrepreneur, life coach, business coach, IFS practitioner, a mindfulness facilitator and she is passionate about supporting people to find their purpose in life and then turning that purpose into a profitable business. Simone has worked with 100’s of incredible humans around the world and helped them pivot into a truly fulfilling, abundant and purpose-driven life. She runs online courses, a membership, she mentors and coaches and is a speaker.

After 12 years in the investment banking world, Simone left to find her true purpose. Since then she has grown her own successful 6 figure coaching business, while honouring those things she values in her life. She is inspired to show others that it IS possible to create a profitable business doing what you love and having a life that is meaningful to you. This is all waiting for you.